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Throwback Thursday

With an impressive record of 3-1 to start the season, the Black Bear Football team heads down to Richmond to open league play this Saturday. Our sports contributor, Brian MacLeod, has a great article about why this club could be one for the history books. So what better way to send off the 2013 squad than with a special […]

A Hall & A Man: Wingate

In this series I will discuss many of the buildings that we have all walked by hundreds of times, but never really gave a second thought (after all, we were all planning on what we were going to do once class was over… that is assuming we went).  I will give a little history on […]

University of Maine… Topsham?

Once the decision was made to start a new college for the purpose of teaching agriculture and the mechanical arts, a board of trustees was formed to be in charge of the creation of the college.  The board consisted of one person from each county, totaling sixteen members.  The President of the Board was Hannibal […]

Rudy Vallee Square

The corner of Main and Bridge Streets in Westbrook is like any other intersection in this former mill town located just west of Portland. Hundreds of vehicles a day pause at the traffic light or simply motor through the intersection with little notice of the honor bestowed upon the city’s most loved son at this very […]

Throwback Thursday

With the Black Bears going into a massive weekend road trip to Gillette Stadium we thought it would be fitting to honor the football team with this week’s “Throwback Thursday”. Here is a picture of the University of Maine squad from 1912 which represented the 20th season for the sport at the school. The Black Bears […]

What’s the “Maine Hello”?

Back in the days when hazing was not only expected, it was almost mandatory, the “Maine Hello” meant a little something different than it’s current, toned down version.  In the late 1940’s and 50’s the “Maine Hello” was something initiated by the administration, in this case President Hauck, which required first year students to wear blue […]

The Stein Song: A Video Digest

If you’ve been kicking around our site since the re-launch two weeks ago, you know: the recent past has seen a lot of activity surrounding our beloved Stein Song.  A call to abolish it, the passionate backlash here, here, and here…  Well, among the outpouring of Stein-y feedback was a post by fellow UMaine alum, […]

History: Birth of the University

Over the course of my postings, I hope to pass along some of the University of Maine’s storied past as well as recognize some of the university’s notable alums.  It is my aim to do so in a unique, interesting and (hopefully) brief way.  So what better way to start than where it all began? […]

Toasts: Rudy Keeling (1947-2013)

“Fill The Steins Toasts” is a periodic column designed to remember and pay tribute to individuals who made important contributions to the proud history of the University of Maine. Rudy Keeling is one of four men who have coached the University of Maine men’s basketball team in my lifetime.  Despite being 17 years removed from the end of his tenure […]

Save Our Stein Song

Fill the Steins Nation, our beloved Stein Song, the anthem of our very existence, is under fire by an enemy far closer to home than we could have ever imagined. In the August 13th edition of the Bangor Daily News, Tom Myers of Orono penned an opinion piece stating that the Maine Stein Song has […]

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