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FTS Al Fresco: Long Lake Sporting Club is a gem of Aroostook County

As we close in on the end of summer, Fill The Steins continues our Al Fresco series with a look at Sinclair’s Long Lake Sporting Club.

FTS Al Fresco: Boat House Bistro

FTS Al Fresco heads to Boothbay Harbor, where the third-story roof deck at the Boat House Bistro offers great food, drink, and views.

FTS Al Fresco: The Thirsty Pig

Fill The Steins continues its Al Fresco series back in Portland at The Thirsty Pig, where sausages and Maine beers make a tucked-away deck even better.

FTS Al Fresco: Ebenezer’s

FTS Al Fresco takes a trip north and west of Portland to Lovell, where, near the border with New Hampshire, a beer-lover’s paradise awaits. What better place to Fill Your Stein?

FTS Al Fresco: The Black Frog

We’ll drive, sled, or fly north to the shores of Moosehead Lake for a look at a FTS Al Fresco experience that comes complete with a Skinny Dip! No, really!

FTS Al Fresco: Eve’s at the Garden

This week we are happy to take a look at a hidden Portland patio with fresh air, great food and drink, and plenty of options for filling your stein: Eve’s at the Garden, the bar and restaurant at the Portland Harbor Hotel.

FTS Al Fresco: Novare Res Bier Cafe

Novare Res Bier Cafe leads the way. Why, you might ask? Because it’s my favorite, that’s why. And who’s writing this column, anyway? In addition to being wicked close to the office at my day job (yeah, FTS doesn’t pay too well…), the deck at Novare Res is certainly one of my preferred spots in all of New England.’Novare Res’ in Latin means ‘to start a revolution.’

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