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Check out the Highs and Lows of UMaine Homecoming 2014

Thousands of Black Bears descended on Orono this past weekend to celebrate Homecoming at the University of Maine and when it was all said and done there were a fair share of highs and lows from the events. Whether it was on the sporting fields or in the parking lots scattered across campus, the story lines varied greatly and we have done our best to put them all together. Accompanied by our official #RiseAndStein Tailgate Album, we present to you our best and worst of Homecoming Weekend 2014.

After all these years, Pat’s Pizza still brings the goodness to Black Bear Nation

Fill The Steins continues our Classic UMaine Restaurants series with our profile of the classic-est of ’em all, Pat’s Pizza in Orono!

Classic UMaine Restaurants – Pat’s Pizza

In 1931 Carl D. “Pat” Farnsworth bought a small ice cream parlor in “downtown” Orono for a good deal less than the price of your new Philosophy text book…over the next 20 years he transformed his new purchase from a cafe to a full service restaurant, eventually adding pizza in 1953 and starting a tradition unlike any other for hungry UMaine students.

Classic UMaine Restaurants – Margaritas

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant was opened in downtown Orono in 1987. It was the brainchild of John Pelletier, who had been running another successful Mexican joint called Tío Juan’s for a couple of years in Concord, NH. The concept was based somewhat on the conversion of Chuck’s Steakhouse in Mansfield, CT, (where Mr. Pelletier had first honed his restaurateur chops) into Margaritaville; sporting a full Mexican menu. That restaurant later changed its […]

Classic UMaine Restaurants – Governor’s

For anyone who has been lucky enough to attend the College of Our Hearts Always for any period of time in the last 55 years, Governor’s Restaurant & Bakery has been a staple of sustenance. The legendary Big Breakfast Combo has aided many a recovery after a night of stein filling and the allure of a giant […]

Tips for Making the Most of the Madness!

It’s that time of year again…Old Man Winter is petering out; Catholics are missing those Friday wing nights; the Sox are sunning themselves in Fort Meyers; and the first wave of March Madness is here! In terms of predictions, I think you’re a lot better off conferring with the gang over at ESPN (I once came out of the […]

Training Plan – 1 Pint to 5K.

We here at Fill the Steins are big supporters of stein filling. We are also big supporters of Erin’s Run, a 5K memorial race in Bangor, ME, to end domestic violence. We are not, however, big supporters of unpreparedness when it comes to racing and the potential running injuries that can sour a would-be inspiring event….So here is a […]

A Meal Plan Not Including Hilltop Commons

Planning and cooking fresh food for a family is not an easy task. Looking back on all those tasty meals Mom prepared after working all day, I definitely wish I’d have praised her more for her genius and tried harder to learn from the master when I had the chance. Now many years later, and with my own little family growing, I’ve finally […]

Explorations in Ethnic Cuisine – Thai

Once again, the goal of this series of weblogs is to share some basic knowledge of various cuisines and encourage the reader to branch out and try something new…or at least make it through dinner without ordering from the kiddy menu…Building on the basic curry knowledge outlined in the previous column on Indian Food, today we’re […]

Frozen Fenway Hangover : Keith Luhmann

So as everyone probably has either heard or witnessed firsthand, last weekend’s light rain and tepid weather did not exactly support the Frozen Fenway moniker. There was however hockey in the air and a fantastic showing of UMaine alumni in the vicinity of everyone’s favorite ball park. The Black Bears put up seven points and […]

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