Check out the Highs and Lows of UMaine Homecoming 2014

IMG_2913Thousands of Black Bears descended on Orono this past weekend to celebrate Homecoming at the University of Maine and when it was all said and done there were plenty of highs and lows. Whether it was on the sporting fields or in the parking lots, the story lines varied greatly and we have done our best to put them all together. Accompanied by our official #RiseAndStein Tailgate Album, we present to you our best and worst of Homecoming Weekend 2014.

The Highs:

1. The hundreds of loyal followers at our #RiseAndStein tailgate was clearly a high for all of us involved with Fill The Steins. Whether it was someone who heard about us through word of mouth or a fan of our articles for years, having a chance to meet with all of you was the highlight of the weekend.

2. The weather gods clearly were fans of tailgating as Saturday was unseasonably warm, mostly sunny, and without a drop of rain. Who would’ve thought that we’d be more concerned with sunburn than hypothermia.

3. We have to raise a pint to the UMaine Cheerleaders who made an exception to their busy game day schedule to stop by just one tailgate in Lot C on Saturday, that of course being ours. They led the masses in a couple of cheers, showed off their aerial skills, and posed for pictures for our friends and families.

4. All the compliments we received about our Fill The Steins gear whether it be the #RiseAndStein shirt or the FTS Logo hoodies, lots of you said you loved the gear and wanted to know where you could get those threads. Good news, the Naked 5, Pizza Dome, and lots more designs are available in the FTS Store here.

5. How about the UMaine Rugby team beating up on Maine Maritime Academy 58-5 on the other side of campus on Saturday to improve their record to 8-1-1.

The Lows:

1. You know we love our Black Bear athletic teams, but the hockey and football teams combined to go 0-3 on the weekend, not what we wanted or expected but that just means more room for improvement.

2. The various entities that put on homecoming for UMaine need to realize that Lot C has nearly 200 parking spaces, which means hundreds of people there for tailgating. 2 portable toilets just doesn’t cut it. Who wants to spend an already limited tailgating window in line for the bathroom? In some cases people found the sides of Corbett and Dunn Halls easy alternatives to the portable toilets, not something school officials would be proud to see. Let’s get this fixed for 2015.

3. People who brought glass bottles into the tailgate area. You can’t get mad at security for making you leave it behind or dump out your beer. With kids and lots of people packed in, no one needs to step on a broken beer bottle and end their tailgate early. Besides broken glass and the Naked 5 don’t go well together.

Clearly the highs outweighed the lows for Homecoming 2014 and while we are surely forgetting some things we can say one thing for sure. We rose, we steined, and we will rise again!

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