FTS Top 10 Reasons to be Excited for 2014 UMaine Homecoming

Homecoming_Top10_ImageIn what’s become an annual tradition around these parts, Homecoming doesn’t just represent a chance to tailgate, meet up with old (and new) friends, and cheer on the Black Bears – it also gives us the opportunity to share.  “Share what?” you might ask.   I’m so glad you did.   In something of an homage to friend of the blog* David Letterman, each year, in the run up to Homecoming, Fill The Steins presents its…



10. If it rains during the #RiseAndStein tailgate, we’ve made preparations for shelter under Coach Gendron’s mustache.


9. Because we at UMaine don’t think those Albany Danes are so Great… 

8. Because parking on campus could always be a bit more challenging. 


7. The return of the CRAFT FAIR – the worlds of fudge, candles, and hand-knit doll clothing collide!


6. Because we can’t wait to see UMaine “strike back” at the Empire…er…State.


5. Because despite their best efforts, Verso Paper can’t shut US down…


4. Because we’re gonna check out the New…New Balance Fieldhouse. 


3. Because while he may not know where Portland, Maine is, we have it on good authority that Tim McGraw DOES know where Orono, Maine is.


2. Now that we’ve paid off our 13-year-old parking tickets, we can park in the tailgate lots again!


1. To give a Hearty Maine Hello! …… to a cooler full of cold Miller Lite.

  There you have it – just a couple more reasons to head to Orono on October 18th and Fill The Steins to Dear Old Maine!  Look for our tailgate, use the hashtage #RiseAndStein, and stop by for some super-sweet FTS giveaways!


*Note: David Letterman doesn’t know we exist.  

** Update: #8 has been revised, we apologize for our oversight. 




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