Fill The Steins seeking a Student Contributor to join our team

FTSOver the last 13 months, Fill The Steins has brought you the very best in all things UMaine.  From sports to the arts, from school history to the Orono community, from podcasts to politics, Fill The Steins has been the go-to source for students and alumni in Black Bear Nation.  As we continue to grow and look for new perspectives on the University of Maine, we are proud to announce our search for the first-ever Fill The Steins Student Contributor!

With school back in session, we are looking for a currently-enrolled, full-time graduate or undergraduate student to join us and write for Fill The Steins.  The Student Contributor will be free to write about whatever topics are most interesting to them, provided they are related to the University of Maine and from the perspective of a current UMaine student.

If you’re interested in joining the team and having your voice heard on the (virtual) pages of Fill The Steins and the Bangor Daily News, the process is easy.  Simply put your best foot (bear paw?) forward and submit a sample column along with a minimum of three other column ideas to by our deadline of Friday September 19.  Our current team of contributors will pull out our red pens, evaluate each submission carefully, and select the author of the best column to join Fill The Steins!

So, students, there’s your assignment.  Put your thinking caps on, get those laptops out and get to work.  Most importantly, though, have fun.  Be creative.  Be off the wall.  Just be well-written and be a Black Bear and you could be the next contributor at Fill The Steins.


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