WWJD: Where Will Jimmy Drink

Well it’s official, Jimmy is going on academic probation after his less than stellar finals week performance. To put it in perspective, his grade point average is actually lower than his blood alcohol content on an average weekend, so you know our boy is in trouble. There was some real concern that Jimmy was going to get kicked out of school, but instead he has been given one semester to get his grades up. With good news like that why not celebrate? Here’s Jimmy’s post-finals/one-more-semester-to-bring-grades-up recommended locations around town to Fill the Steins, because we all need a drink at this point.
Black Holes (Jordan Planetarium, Orono): Sure you are suppose to be off campus by the end of the day Friday but if you are like Jimmy taking a winter class (advanced basket weaving), you are subletting a place in the Grove and looking for something to do. Jimmy suggests throwing back a couple Red Bull and Vodkas and then walking over to the Jordan Planetarium to check out the new Black Holes show. Check out what is probably the best show currently offered by the planetarium, and it is even better if you are a little bit tipsy.
Women’s Basketball v Towson (Cross Insurance Center, Bangor): So the lady Black Bears are on a bit of a skid, clearly they were more concerned about their studies than their performance on the court. Jimmy was a student-athlete too, in fourth grade he was the star pitcher for his kickball team, bringing the heat on 9 year olds. Coach Barron and the girls will find a way to get back on track at home. As always Jimmy will be pre-gaming behind the Irving on Main Street with a brown bag of Colt 45 Double-Malt.

New Waverly (Downtown, Bangor): After the lady Black Bears win their game Jimmy will be heading back down Main Street to spend sometime with the townies at one of his favorite (dive) bars, The New Waverly. Overlooking the scenic Pickering Square Parking Garage, the Waverly is an institution for many a drinker. With free pool and  almost always a Coors Light pitcher special you can’t go wrong. Also, being right across from the central bus station means you can lube up before taking the BAT back up to Orono.

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