Marathon Recap Article 6 – Post Marathon

This is my FINAL article of six detailing my personal experiences from Week One of training to finishing the 26.2 miles of the 2013 ING NYC Marathon. For the previous posting, please click here. If you’ve managed to read all of them; congratulations, you now are an unofficial marathoner…don’t even bother signing up!

After the Finish Line
So I got through the crammed in picture zone bottle neck, got my own wisecracking pic from a photographer standing out of the way, and grabbed my official recovery bag and Mylar blanket. With the air temperature around 48 degrees, it didn’t take long for me to get cold and unfortunately, runners are required to walk maybe three quarters of a mile in one last slow moving corral before NYRR wraps you up in a nice warm poncho and sends you on your way. It was so cold I didn’t bother stretching and this was probably a key reason why I couldn’t walk comfortably until the following Friday…not to mention the fact that I went right from the race to a bar to meet my loving wife and friends for celebration…I figured I’d worry about recovery later.

I met my crew at the Heartland Brewery in Port Authority Bus Terminal after a free NYC subway ride (Thanks MTA!). The reunion was awesome. They were totally happy and excited for me and I was again pretty emotional (and very smelly). I enlisted my wife to accompany me to bathroom and help me change up since I was having a Hell of a time lifting my legs. The feel of getting out of my cold wet running gear, washing the salt stains off my face, and getting into my UMaine sweatpants and 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox sweatshirt was absolute bliss. After a quick brew in NYC, we headed back on the 126 Bus to New Jersey to meet some more friends and do some solid post Marathon stein filling and sausage consumption at the Pilsener Haus in Hoboken. It was a fitting end to an incredible and unforgettable day (especially now that I’ve just finished writing my 5300 word, 6 article memoirs).

For anyone who has ever considered running a marathon whether you are an avid runner, a beginner, or just someone looking for a new challenge, I give my full endorsement. It is a long and hard process getting through all of the training (and the race itself) to the finish line; but I’ve never been so proud of any physical achievement in my life and I would definitely do it all over again (if I get my wife’s permission of course). From raising a bunch of money for The Hole in the Wall Gang to nailing that first 20 mile training run to fighting through physical pain to finish, it was an experience filled with memories I will cherish. The ING NYC Marathon (now the TCS NYC Marathon) couldn’t have been a better first taste of a marathon and to be able to experience five boroughs of New York City in one shot was incredible. The inevitable question I have now is how to top this adventure…The Chicago Marathon? The Marine Corps Marathon in DC? I suppose I’ll just take some time off to enjoy this one before signing up for the next…thanks for reading.  

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