Throwback Thursday

Last year we weren’t sure if we should be building a boat and lining up pairs of animals to board or just get tipsy early and ignore the rain. This week’s “Throwback Thursday” goes back one year to what may have been the worst weather ever experienced at a Homecoming tailgate.
We’ve had rain, snow, and wind before, this is Maine in October and those are considered good days by most folks. As we sat parked on College Avenue with the dozens of other vehicles waiting to enter the tailgating lot we knew Mother Nature must have been a UNH fan; the Black Bears opponent that weekend. The “Fill The Steins” weather center had been tracking the storm for several days and as we took position in front of the Field House the radar began to change from light greens to a wall of yellow and orange and it was heading towards Orono. We were prepared for the rain to fall; we brought extra tents that sprung to life quickly and were joined together to form a canopy for our celebration. What we weren’t prepared for was the rain to keep pouring and accumulating. The asphalt parking lot quickly become a sea of despair for those late arriving tailgaters as they battled the wind and rain to assemble their tents and grills. The last few islands of refuge, the grass covered hills, quickly turned to mud as people attempted to move to higher ground. At its peak several inches of standing water could be found in most parts of the tailgating lot including in our area.
No matter what the weather threw at us we continued on with our tailgate, fueled by Allen’s Coffee Brandy and the stubbornness of being true Mainers. During a brief break in the rain the UMaine Alumni Association stopped by our tailgate and snapped our loyal followers in front of our “Keep Calm and Stein On” banner. 
Rest easy my fellow Black Bears because the forecast for this Saturday is looking great with clear skies and a high around 60 so make sure to sign-up for our tailgate here and come #FillTheSteins!
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the UMaine Alumni Association 

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