The Stein Song: A Video Digest

If you’ve been kicking around our site since the re-launch two weeks ago, you know: the recent past has seen a lot of activity surrounding our beloved Stein Song.  A call to abolish it, the passionate backlash here, here, and here…  Well, among the outpouring of Stein-y feedback was a post by fellow UMaine alum, Andrew Hicks, stirred by Adam Henckler’s defense of our school song – a post of a YouTube video of The Stein Song…in Korean?


So, Fill The Steins prompted Andy to find that gem, and now Andy has motivated us in turn.  If you’ll allow us, we’re pleased to present the following compilation of a few of our favorite videos of…The Stein Song.  Because We. Are. Huge. In. Korea.  (More to come on that…)

Of course, we all know the O.G. version, right?

And then there’s this early animation take on Mr. Vallee’s version, chock full of Mickey Mouse lookalikes and stereotypes!

And lastly for the old schoolers, here’s a look at dudes singing with their steins, and their best gals right alongside.  (Never mind that Georgia Tech nonsense after 1:25…)

As we all know, The Stein Song is virtually indispensable at UMaine’s athletic events.  From the Marching Band…

To the football team itself after a big win – well done, fellas!

Dudes with guitars love The Stein Song…

And so do guys with accordions.  (Nice take on what the song would sound like in a German stein hall, no?)

But perhaps no one outside of the great state of Maine Dirigoes all-in for our great tune as the fine people of Korea.  I mean… Just have a look.

They take this stuff seriously around the 38th parallel.

I’ve tried to figure out why the Song is so popular in Korea.  The only fuzzy intel I’ve got is that the tune was imported to Korea during WWII as the “Song of Friendship” or “Song of Cheers.”  Really unsure on this, though – do you know?  Drop me a line, because this blows my mind…

I don’t even know what’s going on here, and I think this might be Japanese (?) but here we go again…!

And lastly – I know it’s not a video, but I am your resident public radio junkie Stein Filler – HERE is a version from A Prairie Home Companion, live from Bangor, Maine in May 2008.  (Starts around minute 104…)

If I’ve missed your very favorite version, please let me know.  Think you can do better than these fine folks?  Record your own and share it with us at!  I hope this was enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring.  And I hope that your steins are always full.  Cheers!

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