Save Our Stein Song

Fill the Steins Nation, our beloved Stein Song, the anthem of our very existence, is under fire by an enemy far closer to home than we could have ever imagined.

In the August 13th edition of the Bangor Daily News, Tom Myers of Orono penned an opinion piece stating that the Maine Stein Song has “outlived it’s usefulness”, is a “lame tune”, and sounds like “almost every other old and tired marching fight song from the the early 1900’s.” I shudder at the very possibility of such statements making their way into publication of such high intellectual principle as the Bangor Daily News. Regardless of how or why such outlandish statements made it past the scrupulous editors at the paper I felt it was necessary to rebut Mr. Myers accusations that the Stein Song has no place within the hallways, arenas, and stadiums of our flagship university.

The Maine Stein Song, written by Westbrook native Rudy Vallee, has been heralded as one of the best school songs in America, decade after decade after decade. While Mr. Myers is a self-proclaimed “band nerd” he has completely overlooked this simple fact that our average size land-grant school competes in this category with much more established institutions such as Notre Dame, Michigan, and UCLA. While we can never compete in enrollment or endowment we can triumph with enthusiasm and bravado unrivaled at virtually any institution in this fine country.

While I am not a band member, or even educated in music past the fifth grade, I can tell you that the verses and sweet melodies of the Stein Song ring with a power far greater than most could understand. I have heard stories from university alumni who left school to go fight in Europe and Asia for democracy during World War II. When they met other GI’s from Maine they would commonly sing the Stein Song, which they also shared with their comrades from other states and countries.

Mr. Myers the Stein Song may not ring true to you now; it’s not a catchy pop tune, it’s not built on deep guitar riffs or extended drum solos. No, the beauty of the Stein Song is it’s simple verses and all encompassing theme that it isn’t just an anthem that represents a school, but a people from one of the proudest states in the union.

So for this reason I fill the steins and I “drink to Maine our alma mater, the college of our hearts always!” 

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  1. The Stein Song was written by Lincoln Colcord. Rudy Vallee just changed a few words and made it popular. I agree with the rest of what you had to say though. Go Maine!

  2. The Stein Song will always be the School song of UMO. Mr. Myers is what we educated musicians call a music snob. His taste is always right. His opinion is always righteous, etc. Yes, Mr. Myers can "say" anything he wants about the great Stein Song and not one person loyal to the Black Bears and the University of Maine will care!

  3. You wrote an article, because an old man in the Opinions section said he didn't like something. Ho boy…

  4. I don't know this "UMO" you speak of.

    I've heard of UMA. And UMF. And a few other branch offices of the University of System but there's only one

    University of Maine.

    And it happens to be in Orono.

  5. What's your point?

  6. It's interesting that Mr. Myers thought that "lame tune" was also sexist. Billboard's Top 100, at number one for the tenth week in a row, "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. Relax Tommy Boy.

  7. Another reason not to support the BDN or Portland Press Herald.

  8. YES!!!

  9. Who cares what Tom Myers thinks? He writes for the BDN. We used his articles to feed our firepit. Raise the steins!

  10. It will always be UMO to me too~

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