Missed Connections

Welcome to the first installment of Fill the Steins version of “Missed Connections” where we try to take chance encounters between unsuspecting co-eds and turn them into matches for life (or at least the weekend).

Slim Jim Cutie – M4W, 23 Years Old: 
Last Tuesday, Thriftway in Orono, I was behind you in the checkout line. You were wearing a camo tank top, a pair of PINK sweatpants, and yellow flip-flops. You had what must have been a butterfly tattoo on your lower back, but I’m guessing you lost some weight as it appeared to be more like a moth on your sagging skin. I tried to flirt with you and asked if you could pass me a Slim Jim, you did and said how much you loved “those things”. I didn’t have the guts to say anything more before you paid for your smokes and left in a brown Ford Ranger truck. I have a box of Slim Jims with your name on it, please reply with the brand of smokes you bought in the subject line.

Paws-itively In Love – M4W, 19 Years Old:
I saw you on North Brunswick Street in Old Town in a pink Red Sox hat with a ponytail pulled through it. You were pinning up signs for your missing dog and I came up to talk to you. After looking at the picture I told you I saw a dog just like that the day before, but I had hit it with my car. You ran off towards the police station in tears and I went on my way but I can’t get you out of my head. If that was you, tell me the name of the your dog (R.I.P.) in the subject line when you reply.

Want to share your “Missed Connection” with the rest of Fill the Steins Nation? Send your story and information to feedback@fillthesteins.com and we will try our best to find that perfect someone.

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