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Being Sick in College

Fill The Steins’ Student Contributor, Griffin Stockford, takes an in-depth look at what it means to be on your own at college…when the flu hits. (Spoiler: it’s less comfortable than at home.)

“How’s college going?”…..The staple question of winter break.

Fill The Steins’ Griffin Stockford comes back from winter break with stories to tell about the stories he told his family about The College of Our Hearts Always. Oh, and a note about The Bachelor.

The Great EasyMac Fire of 2014

Fill The Steins’ man on campus, Griffin Stockford, tells the tale of the Great EasyMac Fire of 2014, and the lives of those in Cumberland Hall – and how they changed forever.

Balancing Exercise with Entertainment at the New Balance Student Recreation Center

Fill The Steins’ Student Contributor, Griffin Stockford, examines the University of Maine’s New Balance Student Recreation Center – and all the personalities that provide entertainment with your exercise.

Raise a Glass to Griffin Stockford, Fill The Steins’ New Student Contributor

We had always envisioned having a staff of on-campus content providers so we could get the perspective of not just alumni but also current Black Bears. That is why with great pride we raise a glass and welcome the newest addition to the Fill The Steins staff, Griffin Stockford, our student contributor.

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