Seeing the Sights on Erin’s Run

ErinsRunPicFill The Steins is a proud sponsor of Erin’s Run – a 5K in honor of a tremendous young woman who passed away from cancer well before her time.  The proceeds from the race go to benefit two causes about which Erin Woolley was passionate: Spruce Run, helping prevent and protect from domestic abuse; and the University of Maine Swimming & Diving Team.  The 5K – to be held on the morning of Saturday, April 25th – is a great time for a great cause, and all of us at FTS encourage everyone to register, donate, and promote this terrific time!


Erin was a woman who liked to laugh a lot; we hope that she wouldn’t mind us taking the time to make a few tongue-in-cheek pokes at the sights you might see, while you take on the 2015 5K.


Starting line, near the Compass Rose at the intersection of Front Street and Railroad Street:

As the race begins, you won’t be able to help but notice the Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion stage where the Bangor Waterfront Concerts are held.  The locals say that on a clear day, when the wind blows just right, you can still hear the noise complaints from the Rise Above Fest in 2014.


The First 1K:

Right as the race starts, there’s a nice stretch where you can view the Penobscot River, just before you’ll continue on the path that ducks into the trees a bit.  Take this opportunity to gaze out over the river and see the mighty river-icebergs from the savage winter of 2014-15.  These vestiges of an ice age past will be gone by August, and you don’t want to miss them.




Turning onto Dutton Street:

This is the part of the race where things get challenging.  Yes, there’s a little bit of an incline going up Dutton Street toward Main Street, but that’s not what we’re talking about, here.  On your right is the Hollywood Casino.  On your left is Geaghan’s Restaurant.  If you can make it past both without stopping in for Bangor’s best chicken wings OR playing a few hands of blackjack, well…  You’re a better 5K-er than I am.


Main Street:

Salute the unofficial mascot of Bangor, Mr. Paul Bunyan!  (And what about a Babe the Blue Ox statue to match…?)


More Main Street:

Right at about the Mile 1 marker, Seasons is on your left.  Again, my 5Ks are: kGambling, chicKen wings, kBeer, kFinishing alive, and kMore beer after the race.  Seasons has both wings and beer, so…


Summer Street:

A right onto Railroad Street followed by a quick left onto Summer Street will take you right by the home of Bangor’s Finest, right before you turn again onto May Street.  Be sure to pay your respects to the Duck of Justice.  (You heard me.)


May Street:

Ummm…  There’s a U-Haul.  And a rug store.  BOTH OF WHICH ARE VALUABLE CONTRIBUTORS TO THE BANGOR ECONOMY…  I’m sure.  Let’s just turn back onto Front Street, OK?


Front Street:

You’ll pass the Sea Dog Brewing Company.  See the above about my own personal 5Ks.  kBeer.



You’ll get one last glimpse of the river and some boats, as you triumphantly circle back to the starting line, with the knowledge that you got in your Saturday run, all while helping an amazing cause in remembrance of an amazing woman.  This is what we call a win-win-win…win.


Once again, here’s the link to, where you can – and should! – register, donate, and get more info.  See you out there, FTS 5Kers!



Photos courtesy of Erin’s Run & Mike Grondin.

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